#SpaceSelfie Competition Rules


Article 1 – Organiser

As part of the European Space Talks initiative, the European Space Agency (hereafter referred to as ‘ESA’) (registered address – 24 rue du Général Bertrand – 75007 PARIS) is organising a competition named the ‘#SpaceSelfie competition’ (hereafter referred to as the ‘Competition’), the terms and conditions of which are set out in these Competition Rules (hereafter referred to as the ‘Rules’).

The Competition is open to natural persons aged over 18 years of age and resident in one of the ESA Member States and runs from 1st to 30 November 2018.

It is promoted on the ESA’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts and on the www.spacetalks.net website. Participants can take part via the intermediary of their personal Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram accounts.

This Competition is hosted by www.spacetalks.net and the Facebook and Twitter Inc. social media websites. All Participants must comply with these terms of use. Participants also acknowledge that they have been informed of the general terms of use and the privacy policies of the Facebook and Twitter Inc. websites, which can be consulted on those websites. Facebook’s head office is located at: 1601 S. California Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94304, and Twitter Inc.’s head office at: 1355 Market Street, Suite 900 San Francisco, CA 94103. The Organiser shall not take any liability for the content and use of the Facebook and Twitter Inc. websites. Likewise, Participants relieve these websites from any responsibility concerning the organisation of this Competition and confirm that they understand that neither Facebook nor Twitter Inc. play any role in its management or sponsorship. In this respect, a written statement may be requested from Participants at any time during the competition. The personal data collected during the Competition is for use by the Organiser.


Article 2 – Participation

To take part, Participants simply need to publish a photograph or ‘selfie’ image (self-portrait) on the Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account using the #SpaceSelfie hashtag and following the indications set out in Article 5. In addition to the photograph or image, the publication must include the #SpaceSelfie hashtag.

Only one publication per person will be submitted to the jury. In the event of multiple entries, several of which feature among the most liked and/or shared, only the entry with the most ‘Likes’ and/or the most shares will be selected and shall not give rise to any claim. Postal entries are not permitted.


Article 3 – Prizes

First to fourth prizes: a trip to the European Space Port in Kourou in French Guiana to watch a rocket launch. The four trips are reserved for the people selected by the jury on the basis of their #SpaceSelfie and having attended a European Space Talk (list of events available on www.spacetalks.net). The winners will be invited to Kourou to watch a rocket launch. The prize includes return transport from the winner’s home town in an ESA member state to Kourou (means of transport decided on by the Organiser) plus accommodation and meals (full board). (Value of the trip: 4000 euros)

Fifth to 24th prizes: An ESA goodie (advertising item) worth at least 2 euros.


Article 4 – Characteristics of competition entries

Participants’ entries must comply with the following points:

– The entry will be a photograph or image in a format accepted by Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
– The theme is a ‘selfie’ or self-portrait that evokes Space or contains elements related to Space or space activities
– Participants are free to select a tone; entries may be humorous or parodic.

The entry must be an original work and royalty-free. Participants must therefore ensure that there are no visible brands or logos, except for the ESA brand. The following will be refused:

– images of a violent, pornographic, offensive, defamatory, racist or negationist nature
– images encouraging, promoting or illustrating behaviour that is against the law and regulations
– images that contravene standards of public decency and/or public order and/or the regulations and legislation in force
– images representing an element subject to intellectual property or patent rights, such as an original work, a brand or registered design.

Any photograph where there is a suspected infringement of standards of common decency or regulations may be excluded from the competition by the ESA. No appeal is possible.


Article 5 – Selecting and notifying the winners

A jury comprising an uneven number of people selected by the ESA will meet in December 2018 to select the four winning publications and the other prize-winners from 45 nominees. The 45 nominees will be the 45 photos or images having obtained the most Likes and shares on Facebook (15), Twitter (15) and Instagram (15). The Likes and shares for each publication will be added together. The owners of the accounts having published the entries presented to the jury will be contacted via the social media in question. To confirm their entry and submission of their publication to the jury, they will be required to provide their identity, address, email address and a telephone number. They will also state whether or not they have attended a European Space Talk (this will be checked against the lists of attendees and failure to attend a talk will lead to disqualification from the competition). If no reply is received within five (5) days, the ESA reserves the right to nominate a different image and account holder. In the event that there are fewer than eight (8) people selected having attended a European Space Talk, the ESA reserves the right to select other publications from people having taken part in a European Space Talk. The winners of the trip to the Kourou Space Port will be contacted by email in December 2018 or January 2019. If a Participant fails to reply within the following 21 days, they will be deemed to have waived their right to the prize, which will remain the property of the ESA. The other prizes will be delivered to the address provided by the nominees. The jury’s decision is final and not subject to appeal.


Article 6 – Awarding the prizes

Winners of the trip to Kourou must have attended a European Space Talk (see the list of events on www.spacetalks.net), and have had all the necessary vaccinations for travel to French Guiana. They must prove that they signed up for an event on www.spacetalks.net or provide an email confirming their registration. The prizes awarded to the winners are non-transferable. They may not be exchanged, refunded or transferred in any form or for any reason, even on the winner’s request. The prize will not be substituted with financial or other compensation. It may not be exchanged for any other prize and will not give rise to a full or partial reimbursement. Notwithstanding this, the Organiser reserves the right to replace the prize by a similar prize of equivalent or superior value, most notably if the original prize becomes unavailable; this will not give rise to compensation for the winner and the Organiser will not be held liable in this respect. The prize will be delivered to the address indicated by the winner when contacted. Winners of the trips must not purchase their own travel tickets or hotel booking; the ESA will organise the trip. The Organiser will not be held liable for delays in providing the prize or failure to provide the prize in the event of loss or deterioration of part of the prize by any transport service provider or delivery service.


Article 7 – Intellectual property and guarantees

Participants must produce the photograph/image entries themselves and be the sole author of them. By participating in the Competition, Participants expressly transfer all the intellectual property rights covering their entry to the Organiser, for all commercial, advertising and institutional use for a limited period of two years. This transfer is applicable for the whole world and for the full term of protection of the intellectual property rights liable to cover the Entry. The transfer of intellectual property rights includes:

– the right to reproduce or have a third party reproduce the Entry using any process and any paper (e.g. leaflets, posters, display easel, flyers, brochures, books, catalogues), digital (including all the ESA websites and mobile applications and the ESA’s official social media accounts) and analogue media known or unknown at this time.
– the right to represent or have a third party represent the Entry, reproductions of the Entry or derivative works including the Entry, particularly for presentation to the public, use in a public performance or broadcasting, and using any form of electronic communication
– the right to adapt or modify or have a third party of its choice adapt or modify all or part of the Entry, to integrate it into a derivative work or to add features such as a logo or any other distinctive content to it
– the right to mention their first name, surname and/or pseudonym as the Winner or a Participant in the Competition and to reproduce photographs of the Winner at the rocket launch that they will watch at Kourou.

This transfer of rights includes the Organiser’s right to protect and register the Entry with any intellectual property rights protection agency. The Winner may be asked to sign an authorisation to confirm the transfer of rights on their Entry to the Organiser. Refusal to sign this document will be deemed as an express waiver by the Winner of the prize to which they were entitled.


Article 8 – Liabilities

Participant retain full copyright on the photographs or images that they submit to the ESA. In this respect, if several people feature in a photograph, the Participant concerned will obtain authorisation from those people before publishing the photograph for the Competition. Participants hold the ESA harmless against any claims from a third party. At any time during the Competition, written authorisation may be requested from the people featured in the photographs. Participants are fully liable for participation in the Competition. Under no circumstances will be Organiser be held liable for the possession, enjoyment or use of the Prize, which the Winner expressly accepts.


Articles 9 – The Organiser’s decision

The Organiser reserves the right to modify, extend, shorten, suspend, interrupt or cancel the Competition at any time and without notice if it feels that circumstances resulting from force majeure require.


Article 10 – Claims

Any claims or objections concerning the Competition must be formulated in English or French and submitted within thirty (30) days of closure of the Competition at the latest, in writing using the form available at www.spacetalks.net/contact-us


Article 11 – Legal deposit

The Competition rules are registered via www.reglement.net with SELARL 812 – HUISSIERS, huissiers de justice associés (court bailiffs), 15, Passage du Marquis de la Londe, 78000 Versailles, France. The rules may be changed at any time via an amendment submitted by the Organiser compliant with the stated conditions and published in an announcement on the website. The amendment will be registered with SELARL 812 HUISSIERS, bailiffs and custodians of the rules, before publication. It will come into force at the time of its online publication and Participants are considered to have accepted the changes by the simple fact of participating in the Competition as of the date when the amendment takes effect. Any Participant who refuses the modification(s) will withdraw from the Competition. The rules can be sent, free of charge, to anyone who submits a written postal request before the date of closure of the Competition, to the following address:

Grand concours #SpaceSelfie competition
24 rue du Général Bertrand
75007 PARIS, France

The full set of rules can also be consulted online on the Competition website. The cost of postage incurred to obtain the rules will be refunded on request, on the basis of the applicable ‘second class’ standard letter postal rate.


Article 12: Connection and use

Entry in the competition implies knowledge and acceptance of the characteristics and limits of the Internet, the lack of protection for certain data against misappropriation or piracy, and the risks of contamination by viruses circulating on the network. The Organisers accept no responsibility in the event of improper use or incidents related to the use of computers, access to the Internet, maintenance or dysfunction of the Competition servers, the telephone line or any other connection technology, and in the event that the photographs or images are sent to an incorrect or incomplete address.


Article 13: Agreement on Proof

Except in cases of obvious mistakes, it is agreed that the data emanating from the Organiser’s game systems shall have evidential value in any disputes concerning the elements required for connection and data processing of the information concerning the competition.


Article 14: Personal data protection

The personal information collected for this Competition is processed in compliance with French data protection law #78-17 of 6 January 1978 and European Regulation #2016/679 on personal data protection (GDPR)

When completing the Competition entry form, Participants authorise the Organising company to collect the following personal data: surname, first name, postal and email address, telephone number, age and gender. All Competition Participants, and their legal representatives if they are minors, have the right to access, rectify and delete any data concerning them. Requests for access, rectification or opposition should be sent to Missions Publiques – the company that handles this data on the ESA’s behalf – with proof of identity by post to ‘Space talks’ – Missions Publiques – 35 rue du sentier 75002 PARIS – France, or by email to spacetalks@missionspubliques.com.

The information stored by the Organising company for the running of the Competition is reserved exclusively for that use and may only be sent to other companies involved in the organisation of the Competition for that purpose. Personal data will be stored for 24 months, after which it will be deleted.

The Organising company undertakes not to sell, transfer or allow third parties to access the data without prior consent from the Participants unless legitimately required to do so (legal requirement, to combat fraud or abuse, exercise of a right to defence, etc.).


Article 15 – Applicable law

These Rules are governed exclusively by French law. Participants and the Organiser will make every effort to solve any disputes that arise in implementing these Competition rules on an amiable basis. If an amiable settlement cannot be reached, disputes will be brought before the competent courts according to the legal provisions.